Fees are for Consultations / Treatment with Alison Judah,

a Senior Consultant Osteopath with over 25 years of clinical expertise.

Appointments are available in Hammersmith, West London and Hove

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Osteopathic Consultations /Treatment in Hammersmith, London

Initial consultation/treatment / advice - one hour in Hammersmith:  £95.00
Follow up consultation/treatment / advice  in Hammersmith - 45 minutes: £80)
Double length initial consultation/treatment in Hammersmith - 2 hours: £190
Double length follow up consultation/treatment in Hammersmith - 1.5 hours: £160

Osteopathic Consultations / Treatment in Hove, East Sussex

Initial Consultation/ treatment/ advice in Hove - one hour £65
Follow Up Consultation / treatment /advice in Hove - 45 minutes: £50
Double length initial consultation/treatment in Hove - 2 hours £130
Double length follow up consultation/treatment in Hove: 1.5 hours: £100

Remote Consultations by Video for Bespoke Professional Advice

Useful when a face to face consultation is not possible for instance if you are self-isolating, you are in another part of the country or abroad, or you cannot get to the practice due to other commitments.

Initial Video consultation for people who have never consulted Alison before in person or remotely    - 45 minutes  - £65
 Follow Up Video consultation for people who have seen Alison before either in person or by remotely -30  minutes -  £50

Various Healthy Individual and Shared Family/Friends Packages of Consultations can be purchased at a saving of up to 15%.
Please ask for details.

On-Site Ergonomic Assessments

Within 3 miles of the Hammersmith Practice, 1hour: £140
Over 3 miles please ask for availability and fee.


Osteopathic Medical Reports:  £125  per hour.  ‚Äč

How to Pay

Fees are payable at the time of the consultation/assessment by cash, cheque, debit or credit cards (all major credit cards are accepted). 

Terms and Conditions

Payment of Fees: All fees must be paid on the day of the consultation, therefore, the fees quoted above are for paying on the day of consultation, if the consultation fee is not paid on the day a higher rate consultation fee is payable which will amount to an increase of 10% on the above fees.
It is not possible to invoice a 3rd party on your behalf, including insurance companies.
 Invoices/Receipts are issued to all patients, these can be used to claim back fees from a 3rd party when necessary.

Cancelling or Changing Your Appointment: 24 hours' notice is required in London and 48 hours' notice is required in Hove
Please note that the fee will be charged if you cancel or change your appointment within the minimum period.
For onsite ergonomic assessments, 48 hours' notice is required to avoid the full amount being charged. 

Performers referred by BAPAM: If referred by BAPAM please mention this at the time of booking as the policy is different in London and Hove.