Performing artists: musicians & actors

Osteopath to Performing Artists

Alison works with performing artists to diagnose the cause of the problem and treat effectively the cause.  Performing Artists have busy schedules and she can arrange private MRI  scans and xrays where necessary  so as to get diagnosis quickly and get them back to performing as soon as possible. 

Performing Artists at Hammersmith Osteopath

Osteopathy For The Voice 

Singers and Actors

Performers need their voice to be agile the delicate muscles surrounding the vocal cords need to be balanced as do the mu scles of breathing.  Strain of the voice can also occur with neck and back problems and can be affected but other factors such as oseophageal reflux.  Alison will do a full assessment and find the cause.  If it is due to a mechanical strain then osteopathic treatment can help.  Alison works with both Professional and Amateur Singers and Actors to help them carry on working without injury.

Teachers, Presenters, Business Speakers

With a busy schedule and often a stressful environment teachers and public speakers often aren't aware that they are straining the voice and body and teachers in particular often end up damaging the voice.. Alison wll assess the voice in relation to the rest of the body to ensure your body is working in a mechanically efficient manner. 

Some of the symptoms you may experience in voice problems
Tightness in throat
Voice cutting out at points
Restriction in chest
Back or neck pain
Alteration in quality of voice

It is of course always important to check that voice problems are not due to a more pathological cause for which further medical investigations may be necessary.  Alison's always carry's out a full examination and will assess your condition if you need further examinations or medical tests she will refer you to the most appropriate specialist.


Alison treats many musicians and has a particular interest in Pianists and Violinists.

Neck problems and back problems are a common complaint seen but also repetitive strain injury with complaints of aching, burning and tingling in hands and arms. Alison can help with these symptoms and with an understanding of the work of the musician can rehabilitate the performer back to fitness.
She will also advise on what is needed to prevent injuries in the future. If possible musicians should bring their instrument with them to the appointment. Ergonomic assessments can also be carried out in a performance space.


Actors often suffer form problems related to performance posture, carrying heavy props or wearing heavy costumes.  Alison offers treatment for actors at her practice and advises productions on the best way to avoid injuries.  Where as treatment needs to be in the clinic to make sure you receive the most effective treatment, ergonomic assesments can also be carried out in the theatre.

Camera Men and other Production Staff

The use of cameras can cause strain to the neck and back leading to nerve impingement, pain and tingling in the shoulders, arms and hands.  Any symptoms experienced should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent long term damage.


Diagnosis and Treatment

Consultations for Advice on Posture and Injury Prevention
Understanding of the needs of Performing Artists
Advice/ Treament for professional and Amateur Performers
Treatment for singers with muscular / joint strain affecting the voice
Speedy referrals for MRI scans and xrays where necessary