• Whilst conducting a rehearsal in St Martin-in -the-Fields I developed an acute pain combined with limited movement in my shoulder. I was facing withdrawal from the concert and finding a last-minute substitute.

    However, thankfully, Alison quickly diagnosed the problems and expertly applied treatment which enabled me to return to conduct the performance.The immediate improvement felt nothing less than miraculous at the time – all due to her seemingly magical skills – and without which I would have been unable to direct the performance. I cannot recommend her highly enough to musicians and public alike.

    Robert Porter
    Brandenburg Artistic Director

  • I would absolutely recommend Alison as someone to trust and have complete confidence in. As a performer for over 30 years I have total faith in her. I am very lucky to have found her! With minimum time and attention to detail she has put me back together on the difficult occasions I have needed understanding and excellent professional help. 

    Paul Roberts.
    Internationally acclaimed singer and compere. Best known as frontman of 16 years with UK band the Stranglers. 

  • Alison is an exceptional Osteopath who has treated me for many years. Her expertise and knowledge still impresses me, after fourteen years of treatment. I would highly recommend her services to anyone requiring an Osteopath. 

    Sarah Grace, Deputy Divisional Director of Nursing for Surgey/Cancer and Cardiovascular sciences

  • Prior to treatment by Alison, I had tested out all kinds of therapies/ practitioners to cure my aches and pains.  In all cases I was never entirely happy with the results, having achieved a modicum of success with some and none with others.  I was first introduced to Alison over 14 years ago on the promise that she had a “gift” for healing.  For me, the promise turned out to be true and although due to practicalities of location I have tried others since, I always end up returning to Alison.  In particular, I am surprised at how quickly she is able to diagnose and treat a problem and always return home from first appointments with a relief from pain and confidence recovery is on the near horizon.  As long as she continues to do what she does, I will continue to return to her for treatments.

    Richard Munday - Chartered Engineer, Hove

  • Before seeing Alison I'd been having painful muscular and back problems for over a year, which I developed due to my job. Thanks to her, I've been able to massively reduce the pain with routine exercises and treatment. I don't know what I would have done without Alison's help - she's incredibly professional and very knowledgeable. I'd highly recommend seeing her.

    Sam, TV Director

  • I had the pleasure to work with Alison to update her headshots for business. As a result of our meeting I asked her to assess my computer and workstation to minimize the strain on my body caused by long hours sitting at my desk. Alison was very exacting in her assessment and suggested a couple of improvements I could make while clearly explaining why they were advisable. She also assessed my posture when I was holding my camera and suggested some exercises I could do to help with stiff neck and shoulders. Alison clearly has great skills as an osteopath and was attentive and conscientious in the help she gave me.

    Jane Cox, Creative Business Portraits

    I came to see Alison because of recurring back pain that was so bad some days it left me unable to go to work.  With one intensive session and some routine stretches, the pain disappeared overnight.  I couldn’t believe how effective her treatment was - almost miraculous!  I highly recommend her treatment.


    Max B, technology entrepreneur.

  • Having been in the fitness industry for over 25 years and run my own gyms, I have worked with a vast spectrum of clients including global celebrities, titled people, classified disabled and semi-professional athletes and have encountered my fair share of osteopaths one way or another. Alison is by far the most skilled physician I have met. I recommend her to all my clients and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone even remotely thinking of osteopathy. Her skill and expertise, I believe is unsurpassed. I only wish I'd remember to have a regular 'MOT'. Working as a trainer takes it's toll on my body but even after one session Alison somehow manages to get me back on track.

    Tonia C, Personal Trainer and West End Gym Owner

  • I have know Alison for 14 years, she has kept me upright when at times I thought it was impossible! Which in my line of work, is imperative. Not only is she a brilliant Osteopath, she is a fabulous person. 

    Rea Timothy, Registered Nurse

  • Alison always manages to get me out of pain and fully mobile very effectively and successfully: she's a marvellous and intuitive practitioner who really knows what she is doing and gives great advice. I do a lot of cycling, my job as an art librarian means often dealing with a lot of heavy books, and I have chronic back idiosyncrasies which have always caused me problems. Regular treatment from Alison means that I can stay pain-free, do all the things I want to - and keep pedalling! 

    Cathy Johns, Art Librarian

  • For aches and pains I know of nowhere better to come then visiting Alison. She has put me right with problems such as sciatica, a torn calf muscle, problems with my vertebrae. I cannot recommend her highly enough, indeed all my friends and family who have been referred to her share my opinion.

    Stephen S, Surveyor

  • Alison is extremely professional and has an amazing depth of knowledge, I have had many sports related injuries and on each occasion she has managed to sort out the problem usually after a small course of treatments. I have no hesitation in recommending her as an expert in her field. 

    Paul Lazarus, Piano Tuner and Martial Arts Instructor

  • I was recommended Alison from a work colleague who said she had 'magic hands'. After sustaining a disc injury to my lower back and trying many different treatments including; physiotherapy, acupuncture and rolfing with limited success, I decided to see Alison having never been to an osteopath before. The improvement has been really great thanks to Alison's help and I still continue to see her for 'maintenance checks' every few months.

    David W, Flight Service Manager 

  • Alison has treated me for back problems for the last 5 years.  I am very grateful for her prompt attention when a problem has arisen.  She uses gentle techniques after very careful examination. I have referred several friends to her who I know have all been very grateful for her professionalism and expertise. I have no hesitation in recommending Alison as an osteopath.

    Sarah Houston, Chiswick